Monday, 29 March 2010

Taking a Break from Study

Wow, it's been a long time since my last post. Life has been very busy for me and unfortunately has not included any quilting. I have been studying a legal course for two years now but over the Christmas break I decided that it just wasn't for me. This lead me to transfer into another. I'm now studying my diploma in beauty therapy. Yes, I know, it's a huge change, so different but I absolutely love this one. One of the downfalls of study is homework and I have been so hard at it that I have barely seen the light of day. Mind you unlike the other course, I find that I really want to do the homework. There is so much theory to learn that the old grey matter feels like it's going into meltdown. So glad it's school holidays right now. At least there is a bit of a break, although I still have three large assignments to complete with lots of research.

I have been working on one of them all afternoon but then I figured that I should think about something else for a while and came to see what's happening in the blogging world. There has been a lot of activity I missed and it's been great just reading other blogs and getting my head out of the books for a while.

I will be away for the Easter break and I doubt if I will get any sewing done but still I will take some with me just in case but I'm feeling like I will probably just veg out when I have nothing to do.

Like I said I haven't done any sewing for a long time which means I have no photo's to post this time. Maybe after the break I will have some holiday shots.