Friday, 11 September 2009

My Dear Jane Blocks

I said in my last post that I would put up a photo of my Dear Jane blocks. I finally figured out how to get photo's onto the computer and then upload them.

These are the blocks I have completed so far. I started this project so long ago I would hate to admit when. Like many of my projects it sat languishing while I started others. I must be the queen of UFO's.

Guess what? I just discovered when I took the picture that the block in the top centre is samller than the others. Obviously, I made it the wrong size and didn't check my measurments; now I need to re-make it. I should learn from my mistakes but probably won't.

The one I am working on at the moment is an applique block but it will take a while as I can only applique during the day these days; I just cant see well enough at night any more even with the daylight lamp. I could tell as I was working last night that you can see the stitches and being the perfectionist I am, it just isn't good enough. I will have to learn to lighten up I know, but it's really hard.

I think maybe it's time to start another project. One that I can machine piece. One that will be much quicker to make, mmmmm............ I wonder what?


  1. oh I have started a dear jane quilt too Great blocks
    I should get out my blocks and work on it again too
    Its a quilt I have always loved
    you could just add a sashing to the center block instead of remaking it a little border :) I would

  2. I agree with Kathie that you should just add a little sashing to make that one block bigger. I think Jane did that with some of hers and I am doing it with mine. Thanks for showing your blocks and inspiring me to work on mine again.

  3. Love the Dear Jane blocks! I am making one a week and loving it. So far, I have made 49 blocks.