Wednesday, 16 September 2009

What's happening.....

What have I been doing lately? I had to work today, as I do every week and you know....... it's getting to be such a chore. I really can't wait until I retire so I can have more time to do the things that I love. But I fear that will be many years away; if ever!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been celebrating birthday's for my DDIL, DSIL and my DD so things have been very busy.

I've been working on my Dear Jane blocks when I can, but they are not happening very quickly as I don't get much time these days.

This is a small wall hanging I started last weekend for my sewing room. So far it measures 9", somewhat smaller than I was planning. I miscalculated the size of the flying geese and decided to just keep going anyway, instead of starting again with the size I had in mind to begin with. Now, I don't know if to add any more rounds or just leave it as it is. I quite like it - but it is so small. Perhaps I could turn it on point again; add a pieced border or maybe some applique.......... I am open to suggestions. What do you think?

What else? As if I don't have enough UFOs I started a new one - as you do! When you have so many already, what's another one I say. I made three blocks on Monday and will make at least another 13. I want this quilt big enough for my bed. When I have made a few more blocks I will post a photo.

So that's what's been happening in my life lately. Till next time.........

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  1. Work is a chore for me, as well. How much time do you spend at work wishing you could be quilting? For me, it's often. I love the colors you are using in the block you posted.